Jun 20, 2012


Hey kiddos, nothing to share today!

Jun 18, 2012


During my undergrad years I was blessed with an opportunity to live in Spain for six months. It was pretty amazing. I don't have enough space on this blog to fully express my love of Spain, but I'll share one of the many things I love about Spain. Apparently, English isn't the primarily language spoken or read, go figure! Well occasionally stores will have shirts with English written on them because English is so exotic and all. And sometimes the phrases make absolutely no sense due to lack of understanding of English. Enter the decision to buy the shirt I'm wearing today. The shirt says "Evening looks I want be free." Yeah, no sense. But it's one of my prized possessions from Spain.

Jun 13, 2012

so hard.


Tonight I'm watching How I Met Your Mother with my roommate. I may have gotten her addicted last week. It's really adorable. The gentleman suitor and I are totally Lily and Marshall. Lawyer'ed.

Jun 12, 2012

made up, lucky blouse

Hello there! Another made up outfit. I wish I had a blouse like this! Tonight the gentleman suitor and I went to a Bridge club. Bridge, you know the card game grandparents play. It was pretty interesting. Matt grew up playing with his grandmother and online. So now he wants to join a real Bridge club and go to conferences, etc. Bridge is pretty intense. Lots of rules and politics. Maybe if I had my lucky made up blouse I'd be a good Bridge player...

Jun 11, 2012


weekend away

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. I went with my gentleman suitor to Lake Lanier with his family for the weekend. It was a fun time. Went out on a boat. Saw lots of nature. Enjoyed the sweet serenity of water. A very good vacation.

Jun 7, 2012

held together

not a kangaroo

That is a cat on my shirt, not a kangaroo, and I love this cat shirt. Some people may mock me for my cat shirt, but I ignore them. It's one of my few surviving souvenirs from my six months in Spain. On a completely non-cat shirt related note, the graphic I did on my favorite C.S. Lewis quote got over 200 likes and reblogs on my tumblr. Crazy, right? I made another one. Maybe it'll be just as popular. 

Jun 4, 2012


There are some days where any effort in getting dressed up cute or anyway "fashion blogger appropriate" is just thrown out the window.  Today was one of those days. Luckily, I'm a "fashion 
illustration blogger" so I can completely make up imaginary outfits that I wish I wore and actually existed.

Jun 3, 2012

Sunday reads

This week's edition of Sunday Reads,  I'm showcasing Veronika of Girl & Closet. Veronika's blog is such an inspiration to me (along with her killer hair). She has outfit posts that are so wearable yet stylish. She also has the cutest animals that occasionally appear in her photos. Along with fashion blogging she has an online jewelry shop. Please check out her lovely blog.

Jun 1, 2012

growing up, kind of

I'm a grown up. Kind of. But I'm moving in the right direction finally. Yesterday I purchased my own phone and started my own plan. No more sharing with my parents. Nope I'm on my own. I splurged on an Android. I'm getting used to all the apps and other fancy stuff on it. My previous phone was a flip phone from 2008, an antique! What's next for this venture into the world of adulthood?