May 30, 2012

it's not an artichoke

Since I can't have pets where I live, I have plants. Lots of plants. I'm turning into a plant lady. This is the latest addition to my family. It's not an artichoke. It's a type of succulent. I'm hoping I can keep it in my room. I don't get much sunlight in there. Well, I'm off to talk to my plants to help them grow. Kidding, mostly.

May 29, 2012

beryl and birds

Tropical Storm Beryl sent a heckuva thunderstorm today. Pouring, nonstop rain! I love sunny, blue sky days, but now and then I really enjoy rainy days. Also today I was able to wear my first ever pair of rain boots. It was great until I realized you're supposed to wear socks with them. My feet were so very blistered by the time I reached my classroom. But I cheered up when I remember my umbrella had  cute birdies on it. 

May 28, 2012

go figure.

Funny thing, asking God to help you with things actually works. I've starting praying for the difficult people I come in contact with in my life. And I've really noticed a change in me and in them as well. Hopefully this style of dealing with awkward or uncomfortable or just plan not fun situations will become a very healthy habit. Another healthy habit I've picked up is putting fruit in my water bottles. It gives me just enough flavor to keep me from grabbing sugary sodas. Being an adult with actual decisions and consequences is hard, but prayer helps, go figure.

May 27, 2012

Sunday Reads

For now on I'm going to use Sundays to share my favorite blogs with y'all. To kick this off, I chose Victoria of PISTOL Daisie to share first. Fun fact: Victoria and I went to the same college. We even had one or two classes together. Those were good times. Though modest, our fashion department was pretty exceptional. Our university wasn't exactly a haven for fashionistas or bloggers alike, but Victoria managed to start a very successful fashion blog while in school. On her blog you'll find everything from outfit shots, DIYs, and inspiration posts. She even shares stories of her experience being a visual assistant for Anthropologie(!!!) Victoria is a lovely lady and I'm privileged to say I've met her in real life. Please check out her blog.

May 25, 2012

be good

Be good. And help others be good. That's all the advice I've been able to received this week. I've been struggling with the "love thy neighbor" stuff. It hard to love people who are hard to love in general. My faith tells me to love others, but it also creates in me a joy to actually do it. And most of the time its great until you meet the aforementioned hard people. According to the scriptures, God designed us to do good and encourage people. So, the way I'm able to love those hard people is to just be good around them, for them, and to them. Maybe through me simply being good, hard people can turn into easy people to love.

May 24, 2012

Movies help me learn

Kind of an awesome day. I'm taking a parenting class to fulfill my Child Development minor. And it's a little bit amazing. An entire class watching videos about babies, sounds great to me. Today we watched Tina Fey's Baby Mama to illustrate the stress of using artificial reproductive technologies. Basically, I'm a visual learner, so any professor who uses movies to teach is alright in my book.

May 23, 2012

trying something new

So I decided I'd try using a background. I think I like it. I'll decide what I feel tomorrow morning when I check back here.
At work my coworkers make fun of my apparently tiny feet. According to them a 25 year shouldn't be able to wear children shoes. But I think people shouldn't make awesome shoes with bows only for kids. Just saying, slate grey mary jane's with bows. What 25 year old fashion blogger could resist? 

May 22, 2012

busy day

today was a very busy day. lots of errands and chores. all in all it was a very productive day. well, except i haven't put away my laundry or studied for my classes. oops, there's always tomorrow...

May 21, 2012

So, I work at a shoe store part time. I like the job because I don't have to wear a uniform (i.e. I can dress fashionably). I know lots of people hate on leopard print, but I love it, especially for shoes. These are my third pair of leopard printed flats. If adorable, animal-print accessories aptly styled is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

May 20, 2012

back to school

This past week I had a break from school and work. I spent the entire time working on revamping this site and getting my etsy shop set up. I'm super excited for what will happen this summer. I also joined bloglovin'. Today I head back to class and work. 
Have a great Monday y'all!!

May 17, 2012

she's gone for six weeks.

this is my best friend and roommate christina. she's amazing! she's spending six weeks in spain. and i'm super jealous of spain. i miss her!

May 16, 2012

he's gone for a week

I'm going to include more of my day to day life on this blog along with outfit illustrations. 

Let me introduce my boyfriend Matt. He wonderful--literally God's gift to me. He's on a mission trip until Saturday. I miss him.