Dec 28, 2010

snow snow snow snow

oh, man! i'm so blessed to not only have driven through the snow on sunday, but to make to my boyfriend's house in time to play in it before it melted away :)
great action shot!

my boyfriend recently discovered a love and talent for knitting. he's currently knitting me a beautiful coral scarf :)

my new boots from santa

my new hat enjoying what was left of the snow

Dec 24, 2010

most wonderful time of the year

i can't believe tomorrow is christmas! every year since i stopped asking for barbies from santa, christmas just sneaks up on me. sneaky sneaky...

today i finally sat down to wrap the few gifts i was able to purchase. i didn't get as creative as i ought to have, but i'm still pleased. my mom and i hoarded the best paper and bows from each other while we wrapped. i think mine came out better, but she did a have quite a bit more gifts to wrap up. my mom loves having the christmas tree surrounded by a million gifts.

next year i promise to be more artistic and creative when i do my gift wrapping. i think that'll be second on my list of resolutions for 2011. i want everything i do be completely and utterly erin. i mean, everything i do will have my creative taste and flair.

well, merry christmas and good night! i can't wait to open the big box from urban outfitters :) yes, santa will take online wishlists, fyi.

Dec 23, 2010

finishing up the year

i felt compelled to finish up the alterations/repairs basket today. i finished a few more pieces, but the most rewarding aspect of my productivity was breaking into my closet. there were a few pieces that had a some unflattering aspects to them... side pockets. i know, i know, normally pockets on a garment are a selling point. however, sometimes this additions can ruin the clean line of an outfit. and we all know the key to any outfit is clean lines. i cut out those little buggers and now have a skirt and three dresses i want to wear;  instead of having pieces i never wear but are too nice to give away or too loved to sell. i challenge y'all to bust out your sewing skills. if any of y'all need tips and tricks, i'll be happy to help out. message me!

anywho, with just over a week left in 2010, i've been thinking of resolutions for 2011. first on the list will be finishing projects as soon as i start them. ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you that i'm the worst about procrastinating. well, that's going to stop in 2011! hence me finishing up the alterations/repairs basket as a start for a great new year.

therefore all you readers (the few) are to hold me accountable. i have a lot of dreams and plans for the next year. i'll need to be pushed. i'll need to be reminded of my dream to sell my brand on etsy.  i'll need to nagged about posting photos of my projects. i'll need to be forced to update this blog.

keep me accountable!

Dec 22, 2010

early christmas prezzies

today i had an early christmas in my studio. santa was very good to me because clearly i've been a very good girl this year....
okay, that's not the whole truth. i mean i'm definitely not on the naughty list, but santa didn't bring me any early prezzies.

what actually happened was i finally got to my alternations/repairs basket in the studio. i'm so bad. i'm a seamstress yet it takes me months (almost a year) to bring myself to fix my own garments.

it felt like christmas because i had completely forgotten what was in the basket. there were a few things i had never worn because i planned on altering them first. there were a few samples from the store i do repairs. these samples (according to them) were beyond repair; little did they know. finally there were the normal broken zippers and ripped seams.

now my closet has five additional skirts, two blouses, and a dress. so, it really does feel like an early christmas.  sadly, the alterations/repairs basket is still almost full... yikes! i hope that doesn't put me on the naughty list.
i wonder if i'll have an early birthday tomorrow when i get to doing laundry, yuck.

Dec 19, 2010

well hello there cyber world

so, howdy.

my name is erin, and i have three loves: Jesus, my boyfriend, and fashion. I want this blog to be about two of those (i'll probably mention the boy from time to time though.)